Calming Diffuser Kit

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  • ✅ ADVANCED STRESS RELIEF FORMULA  - Our pheromones diffuser helps reduce separation anxiety and fear of loud noises, such as thunderstorms and fireworks, increases focus during training sessions, and helps pets adapt to new environments
  • ✅  DRUG-FREE CALMING SOLUTION  - Comfort your four-footed best friend with calming pheromones for dogs and cats. The cat and dog diffuser for anxiety imitates maternal nursing pheromones that reassure, soothe, and support your pet during stressful situations
  • ✅  REDUCE SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY  - When our pets get nervous or stressed, it can result in shaking, chewing, urination, scratching, or barking. Our cat and dog calming diffuser soothes anxiety and alleviates worrisome behavior
  • ✅  UP TO 4 WEEKS COVER  - Simply plug in your dog and cat calming diffuser in an area of your home where your pet resides. Replace the dog and cat behavior diffuser every 30 days to keep your pet feeling safe and comfortable
  • ✅  COVERS UP TO 700 SQUARE FEET  - The pet calm plug-in features a rotating plug to accommodate both vertical and horizontal outlets. The dog and cat calm plug-in has a pleasant lavender aroma and covers up to 700 square feet