Omega Treats (Value Pack)

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  • ✅ OMEGA 3 SKIN & COAT SUPPORT – Omega Treats are specifically formulated to support your dog's skin and coat, heart & brain health. Rich with Omega-3 fatty acids (with EPA and DHA), this wellness supplement is the perfect canine treat for any age, breed, or size.
  • ✅ NATURAL BRAIN & HEART SUPPORT - Our Omega 3 Treats relieve your dog of any skin & coat problems while maintaining their heart and brain health as well using natural ingredients like Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil, Omega 3s, DHA, EPA & Algae.
  • ✅ HELPS REDUCE ITCHING & SHEDDING - Omega Treats also contain liquid Fish Oil to soften the skin and fur, as well as Vitamin E, Vitamin C and Biotin to keep itching, shedding, and irritation at bay for puppies, adult dogs, and even senior ages.
  • ✅ ALSO IMPROVES ALLERGIES, JOINT INFLAMMATION, HEART, BRAIN AND IMMUNE HEALTH - A powerful combination of natural ingredients in these salmon oil dog supplement chews make them a well-rounded nutritional supplement. In addition to improving skin and coat health, they also protect against free radicals (Vitamin C and E), reduce inflammation (Omegas), improve immune system/allergies (Kelp) and keep your dog’s heart and brain healthy.
  • ✅ DOG APPROVED FLAVOR - Our soft chews taste like treats without any added fillers such as corn, dairy, soy and artificial colors and ingredients.

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