Calming Collar For Dogs - Advanced Formula

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  • ✅  ADVANCED STRESS RELIEF FORMULA Comfort your four-footed best friend with our pheromone collar for dogs and cats. The calming collar for anxiety imitates maternal nursing pheromones that reassure, soothe, and support your pet during stressful situations
  • ✅   REDUCE SYMPTOMS OF ANXIETY - When our pets get nervous or stressed, it can result in shaking, chewing, urination, scratching, or excessive barking. Our cat and dog anxiety collar soothes anxiety and alleviates undesirable behavior
  • ✅  ADJUSTABLE & COMFORTABLE - This dog and cat calming collar is suitable for all types of dogs and felines. The flexible dog and cat pheromone collar is adjustable up to 24.4 inches and fits comfortably around your pet’s neck
  • ✅  DRUG-FREE FORMULA  - The dog and cat anti-anxiety collar offers a drug-free calming solution with cat and dog appeasing pheromones. The ingredients are automatically activated once the pet calming collar for dogs and cats has been put on
  • ✅  UP TO 2 MONTHS COVER  - Our cat and dog collars for anxiety help reduce separation anxiety and fear of loud noises, such as thunderstorms, and fireworks, increase focus during training sessions, and help pets adapt to new environments for up to 60 days